How to Play

Extremely simple, Extremely fun. 5 steps to play to earn in NFTDUEL.

1.Be the Avatar

Create your favorite avatar to embark on a vast array of worlds of XANA Metaverse. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you.

2.Collect cards, Build a Deck

The DUEL card is the core essential NFT asset for NFTDuel. Gather the best cards according to your strategy to build your best deck from your DUEL card library.

3.Join a league

Encounter tens of thousands of players to duel in various leagues. Here, dueling is the best way to prove yourself. Join the league and get ready to dive into DUEL Arena.


Battle starts. Five cards in your hands, draw a card from the deck every turn and Decide which card to Summon in the battlefield. The faster who damages the opponent player's HP to zero wins the duel.


You can acquire various rewards based on your rank and the level of the league you belong to. Climb up the leader board, and aim for the higher level league to earn more.
Last modified 6mo ago