About League

Each league and points chart in which the player stands with their earned points

6 League, 3 Sub league

The 6 Leagues of NFT DUEL cover a wide range of collections, experience, and skills. Each League Consists of 3 SUB-leagues (Except Trial). A brand new player in their first week will find themselves in the Trial League, they players will keep grinding the game and continue to gain experience and create effective strategies to get into higher leagues.
During alpha duration, higher league will be locked and it will be unlocked by the incensement of user base.


Even if a player has all max level cards, the cards they can use in battle are always limited to the max level that their current League allows.


Rewards increase as players move higher up in Leagues, but so do the complexity of strategy and the difficulty of competition. Higher the league means there will be high rank players with unique strategies. The higher the League of play, the more rewards are earned per win.