Why NFTDuel

Incredibly Powerful. Main 3 reasons why you should play NFT DUEL.
Among the many Web3.0 Gaming projects, NFTDuel has everything to climb to the top with a robust combination of multiple unbeatable strengths.

1. Unlimited Scalability

The best proposition of NFTDuel lies in that structure. It is not only the game but the Web3.0 Gaming platform. It can turn any kind of IPs from Anime, characters, and Celebrity to turn them into Trading cards Web3.0 Gaming. It realizes unlimited scalability.

2. Robust blockchain technology

Through the power of blockchain, NFTDuel makes digital trading cards transparent, scarce, and owned by the players.
All DUEL cards are on the blockchain, so players can fully control their assets. All gameplay interactions on NFTDuel are processed on-chain transparently, including RNG.

3. Made for the Metaverse

Interlinked with XANA Metaverse And Play to Earn ecosystem.