In-Game currency

The in-game point "Jewel" is for web2 gamers


To accommodate the stability web2 gamers are used to, the game will have a In-game currency system as-well. All non-NFT game items, maps, skins, and other features can be purchased with “Jewel”
Jewel can be purchased with credit cards and is the in-game currency. Jewel is available to players on App Store and Google Play, meaning their purchase will cost the developer 30% transaction fee.
Web3 players will have access to NFT-version of all game assets. Additionally, web2 player who choose to move from web2 to web3 will need to “mint” NFTs, turning their web2 asset to web3 assets. This process will require game tokens, not Jewel. Jewel purchases will also apply to Play and Protocol income staking yields of the token.
This expands the game’s scope. Some assets will be sole available as web2 purchases, to accommodate that market. The same assets, and potentially more assets, will be available as web3 purchases, as these are more monetizable.
Web2 revenues can outperform web3 revenues only at mass scale.